Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Room with a View

Well, I said I would post some photos of the view from my 31st floor perch, and here they are! That's the Sears Tower there, and you can see from the angle that I still have to look up quite a ways to catch its full height.

Here's a more eye-level view, where you can see I am definitely amongst the concrete jungle...

I could have changed desks this summer, but I chose to stay where I'm at. I do enjoy looking out the window, because even if the view isn't full of trees or nature, the city definitely has its own beauty.

This is especially true in the winter, when it gets dark quickly and all the city lights brighten. Also, it's truly surreal to watch rainfall or snowfall from this height, because the view is so wide, both horizontally and vertically, that you can see vast amounts of precipitation fall for stories upon stories.

In other updates, I am taking the MPRE this Friday - the first hurdle of bar passage. I narrowly failed my first two practice tests, so here's hoping I vastly improve by Friday at noon!


Meesh said...

hey im sure youll do just fine- i got a 70% on my math content practice test (which is failing), but i got a 95% on the actual test. they make those practice tests hard to scare you into studying more.

Anonymous said...

Good point Michelle. Leave it to a Sherman daughter to figure out the ulterior motives of people. Valerie, like I told both of you while growing up, "Study until you're sick of it, then you probably have a good handle on the subject". You probably are sick of studying by now already, but I'm sure you'll do great. Good Luck Mom