Thursday, July 10, 2008

Disney World: Animals and Spaceships

This morning Dave's aunt and uncle brought us to the Animal Kingdom and Epcot by virtue of their employee free guest passes! (And, yes, we finally got to see Mickey.)

t the Animal Kingdom, we went on an animal safari and rode Everest, a really innovative and thrilling roller coaster that is one of a kind. (Yes, that's the roller coaster in the background of this picture.)

The safari was really neat, allowing us to be nearer to the animals than any zoo we'd ever been to.

So, obviously Animal Kingdom was awesome.

At Epcot, we went up inside the golf ball, which was even better than I remember it. We also visited Mickey (see photo at the beginning of this post), and bought some pins.

These pins are a merchandising gimmick at Disney these days, but some of them are pretty cool. (Out of the vast selection of pins, I chose Eeyore, Dumbo, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I bought a slightly different version of Dumbo that isn't available online.)

At the end of the day, Gail and Tom invited us over to their home to visit with Dave's cousin Mary and her two boys. It was good to see all of them, especially since we weren't able to go to the beach vacation this year.

Now to bed, for our last night in the park. Then back home, where it is not quite so magical, nor quite so humid.

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