Sunday, June 01, 2008

Wag the dog

Today was our fourth annual Gimme Shelter! Walk for the Animals, hosted by Red Door Shelter in Rogers Park! In attendance were my law school friends Edward and Laura walking Stella and Georgie. (We all shared dog walking duties!)

The four of us were accompanied by 100+ other dogs and dog owners, which made this a pretty successful little fundraiser for Red Door, which is a no-kill shelter for cats and rabbits.

Here's Stella; she's Ed's adorable little schipperke. Georgie (in Laura's arms above) was a little "explorative." (Read: plowed into another dog's butt while said other dog was in the middle of some doggy duty.)

Here's us in the middle of the walk; photographic proof that my butt has indeed gotten smaller! Yay! (And there's Georgie the Dog running off somewhere.)

There were several samoyeds in attendance...ohhh do I want one of these dogs something bad. The owners of this dog, Nikki, were nice enough to talk to me about the breed and Kabeara, the breeder they got her from. Look at these things...don't they look like little polar bears or what?

Today also marked the first day in the next round of weight loss contest with the law school peeps. This time it's not just me versus Edward, but others are joining in, including Dave.

Talk about a conflict of interest; I want to win, so I should want to sabotage Dave, but hey, it would be nice for us both to lose some weight, so I don't want to sabotage him. Only time (and Dave's waistline) will tell which side of my conscience wins!

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