Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lords and ladies, gather round.

Yes, as this picture clearly indicates, we went to Medieval Times last night with some of the law folks to celebrate Mike and Edward's birthdays (left and right above, respectively). These guys are fairly huge dorks, so this was pretty much their element.

I said it then and I'll say it now, I'm not entirely sure it was a good idea for the souvenir wench to sell them wooden axes and swords, but it was amusing all the same.

I should mention that Mike is not a law student, but he has come into our group much as Dave has: by osmosis. He is Ed's roommate and longtime friend, even though the first time they met, Ed picked a fight with Mike, who promptly threw Ed across the room into a birdcage. I guess that gives you a flavor of what life with these two lads is like.

We were the black and white knight this time, the "holy" one, which is funny considering that nobody in our group is religious, and even most of the people in our group are fairly anti-religious. Mike and Edward are also fairly evil, so I personally think we belonged in the green knight's section, but I guess you can't argue with the serfs and wenches of the castle.

See Dave's "Chess Champion" shirt right here? Yeah, he is clearly representing the dork factor.

So, now I have been 4 out of 6 different knights in the castle: yellow, blue, red and yellow, and black and white. I always thought that black and white were the coolest colors, even if he is "holy."

Well, see you next time at Medieeeeval Tiiiiimes!


Anonymous said...

Okay, since you are naming dorks, how dorky is it of you to remember what color represented your group each time you went? Just kidding, of course. No one wants to be the Mom of a dork.

Meesh said...

do they offer beer there??

* Valerie * said...

Of course, what do you think is in those big steins? YARRR the finest ale west of the fjords. (Or, Miller Lite.)