Saturday, May 03, 2008

Condo redux!

Here are the long-awaited before and after shots of our kitchen cabinets. Dad was a huge help in this project, as he went with me to buy paint, helped me clean and sand the cabinet doors, and painted the cabinet doors.

Before & After

We picked out a paint called "Stardust," which is basically a cream or off-white. Brushed nickel knobs and drawer handles, too!



After polishing off the kitchen, we decided to rearrange our living room and bedroom furniture. I donated my computer to a disabled teenager in need, so we had a little extra room in the bedroom to move stuff around. Check out our new shelves in the living room (in the space where Dave's computer desk used to be, but now it's in the bedroom):

These shelves fit all the books in our condo, which is really saying something. (We are self-diagnosed bibliomaniacs.) The bunnies were a little weirded out by this change of furniture, but I think they like that it gives them more space to hop around.

Hopefully IKEA will still carry these shelves when we move into a bigger place, because we will need at least two more of the wider shelves to fit all my books from home. I have the entire Time Life World War II series, not to mention a lot of other books from my days as a history student.

Anyway, the general theme of this post is simple: our condo is starting to shape up into a pretty nice place to be! We've got about a year or so left to live here, so we figured, why not enjoy the improvements? Next is the bathroom this summer. Oy.

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