Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quotes from Spring 2L Semester

And now for my yearly compilations of humorous out-of-context professor quotes:

Real Estate Transactions, Prof. Ellen Gutiontov

  • "I do practice law, to actually make some money."
  • "Seriously, people, get a life."
  • "I divide my Russian way, but whatever."
Copyright, Prof. Mark Schultz
  • "You're anonymously graded, so you can mock my drawing skills."
  • "He's not making up a story about the fictional adventures of the banana."
  • "I could make up a limerick on the spot, only I probably shouldn't because I'd get fired. All the limericks I know are dirty."
  • "I had a dog once that could have used some inner peace."
  • "Does anyone even know who Flava Flav is, anymore?"
  • "Nobody has a copyright over the idea of a song about momma."
  • "I bet that monkey smuggled in a copy of 'Hamlet.'"
  • "As far as we can tell, that guy's head is not edible at all."
  • Describing the Hulk: "Green, strong, stupid, ripped pants."
  • "It looks kind of like Homeless Elmo."
  • "OK, Whitney is going to represent Brad Pitt. He is pretty dreamy."
Legal Profession, Dean Howard Rubin
  • "If you drag a dead horse by the back of your truck, you're going to have a problem. But we're not going to spend a lot of time on dead horses, OK?"
  • "And I will take you out to the shed, or whatever the hell that means."
  • Student to Dean Rubin: "I thought my dad told me not to talk to you."
  • "I sell women's aprons for a living, you think this is my expertise?!"

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