Sunday, April 06, 2008

Go green!

We saw Wicked last night, and it was awesome! The tickets were part of Dave's Valentine's Day present from me, but it happens to be my birthday week, so I guess it was a tad self-serving.

I got to wear my new green dress, which fit in perfectly with the green Wicked theme. The Oriental Theate
r is amazing and ornate - we spent the time before the show wandering around and gazing at the walls and ceiling.

Despite the theater's ornateness, though, the first thing that hits you when you walk into the room is the large metal dragon above the stage. Rock.

The show itself was funny, smart, and visually dazzling. We especially liked the actress who played Glinda, who was energetic and extremely funny.

All in all, it's always nice to go out on the town with Dave. We talked about getting dessert after the show, but we were too tired and went home. (We're really feeling those mid-20s, hah.)

We realized we're seeing a lot of shows lately - Jersey Boys in March, Wicked in April, and Avenue Q in May! I can't wait.

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