Thursday, April 06, 2017

Sandwiches & shamrocks

I made a project in March that I've wanted to make for years - crocheted sandwich!!

Look at these layers. The bread pieces were kind of pains in the butt, because you had to make two layers and sew them together. But the other pieces were quick, and the tomato slices came out so cute!!

These are for a friend's kids. She's got a new baby, so I guess it's ostensibly for him, but her four-year-old is more likely to be able to enjoy it for the moment.

I shipped them in little Ziploc bags to emulate a real sandwich! Not pictured: I also made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

April came in with a bang - my birthday is April 1, so it always sneaks up on me. This year I had a fantastic weekend of voting for myself as library trustee in the local election, getting beer with friends at Lagunitas, running the Shamrock Shuffle for the second time, and attending Yarn Con! Phew.

The weather on the morning of the Shuffle threatened to rain, but it turned out just fine. Much warmer than last year, and my time was improved by a minute and ten seconds! Hopefully I can get under 10-minute miles next year.

Still sporting my participant medal, I attended Yarn Con in the west loop with Dave and some coworkers. It was their first yarn convention, so I think they were a little overwhelmed, but we all came away with amazing goodies. For instance, this wonderful handspun beauty from my favorite booth this year, BunnyBadger Fibers: 

It's a good starter convention because it is rather small - the size of a gymnasium, compared to Stitches Midwest in a true convention center. The fiber artists are mostly local, too, and you get to meet some really inspiring fiber artists.

Other favorite booths included Knit Circus and Leading Men Fiber Arts. Always wonderful!

I've got some other really fun projects coming up, including more crocheted food for a friend's two-year-old. I have been itching to post them to my Instagram page, but the kid's dad follows me and I want them to be surprised. I'll post next week after they've received the items.

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