Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer hikes and more

This summer, I have tried to get out and do hikes from the book "60 Hikes within 60 Miles of Chicago." I have done a few of them now, and I thought I'd post some pictures from June!

When Dave visited in early June, we visited the Lakewood Forest Preserve, where we saw many flowers, butterflies, and deer. I know that deer aren't really rare, but it's still cool when I get to see one.

The next day, after I drove him to the airport, I went on a hike at the Volo Bog, which had lots of wildlife, mostly of the insect variety. The first leg of the trail is a neat little boardwalk that takes you into the bog itself.

Then you end up in the woods, on savannas, etc. It's a long, beautiful hike. I got to see lots of birds, too, including some odd variety of goose, swans, cranes, and my little red-winged blackbird friend here.

The swans were in the middle of this glorious marsh. This photo looks like it belongs on a calendar or something.

The next week, I did the Pratts Wayne loop, which had some interesting sites. First, you walk through a marsh, then you walk through an equestrian jumping grounds, then a long trail through more marsh and savanna.

I got kind of lost and had to improvise a new route at the end, but I still did a six-mile hike that day, which I am proud of!

I thought I'd also include this fun photo of me, my mom, and my sister at a family party recently. It was a luau theme, hence the leis, although there was no actual Hawaiian food there or anything - unless you count the pineapple ice cream I brought.

I'd like to get in some more hikes, but the last few weekends have been full of events. I need to fit one in soon if I'm going to do all 60!

As crochet and knitting goes, I have been working on a cute sweater, but it is lace weight yarn and very slow going, so it might be a while before that is finished. (Especially if I am spending all my time outdoors hiking!)

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