Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Update on some finished projects

It has been wayyy too long since I posted an update to finished objects, so here is a little about what I have been making lately.

First up: a sparkly cowl made out of Prism Dazzle, which my mother in law bought me in New Orleans.  

I loved the way that the colors worked up in these perfect rainbow stripes!  It's not a "warm" cowl, but more decorative and beautiful.

Next up, another cowl, this one out of worsted Malabrigo in the color Mariposa, a mix of beautiful green, yellow, and brown colors.

This is the honeycomb cowl that is very popular on Ravelry.

Next up is a lovely cowl I finished in March out of Berroco Boboli in Watercress.  

I would never have thought to buy this yarn, but it was in the "yarn bar" at Loopy Yarns and I gave it a whirl.  It works up beautifully!  It doesn't hurt that this pattern, the Julia cowl, was specifically designed for this yarn.

Next up are two items I completed at the annual Knit Around the Clock fundraiser for my jail knitting program.  This is an 18-hour knit-a-thon in the basement of Loopy Yarns, and it's a blast every year!

At left is the Persimmon Pullover, a free Lion Brand pattern that I made out of Berroco Lustra, which has sadly now been discontinued.  It is pretty close to the color of the pattern design, though.  I wore it to work yesterday and got lots of comments!

I also completed another project, Toothless the Dragon.  This is the character from Disney's "How to Train Your Dragon," and everyone told me he looks perfect, although I didn't see the movie.  He's for a friend's kid.  The wings were a total pain in the ass, as they had to be individually crocheted and sewn together, with a pipe cleaner down the edge for shaping.  Sheesh.

I started another project at the knit-a-thon, a lovely green slouch hat, so we'll see how that goes.  I am making it with a beautiful forest green yarn I bought at Yarn Con 2013.

My next project was to organize my knitting needles, which I really needed to do because they were all just lumped together in this basket.  When people know you knit, they just give you random needles, and not all of the needles have pairs.  So it was good to reduce that stash.  And speaking of stashes, I really need to organize my yarn stash.  Again.

Until next time!

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