Monday, April 14, 2014

Dairy State Beer Fest 2014

This weird Elvis fish creature was at the fest.
Another year, another day of unlimited cheese and beer in Wisconsin.

This weekend I attended the Dairy State Beer & Cheese Fest, a beer and cheese tasting at the Brat Stop in Kenosha.  There are both commercial and home-brewed beers, as well as a variety of cheese cubes, cheese curds, and spreadable cheese.  It is glorious.

This year there were a lot of amber beers, as well as some truly unfortunate farmhouse-style beers offered by commercial brewers.  Sorry, but making a beer that tastes like orange pop is not going to get you into competition with Spotted Cow.

The home brews, however, are always innovating.  There was a spicy habanero apple ale, and my very favorite beer of the entire fest: chocolate graham cracker porter.  It was the tastiest beer I have had in recent memory.  I got the recipe from the brewer, and hopefully it turns out as good as his did.

Speaking of which, Dave and I brewed a tripel this weekend, which is happily fermenting in the basement as I type these words.  Fingers crossed that it turns out as well as our last few beers have!

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