Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Easter bunny" photo shoot

 Some of my friends came over this morning to take some photos of their kid with my bunny, in anticipation of Easter!  Yes, he is big enough to be the Easter bunny.  Actually, I have been seeing a lot of photos of my friends' kids with chicks, bunnies, and ducks in photo studios, but Rosa can be sure that her kid will have the largest bunny of them all.

I mean, look at that thing - he looks like he could wear her shoes!  She got a total kick out of feeding the bunny carrots (after she got over being terrified of him for a brief moment - I don't blame her, he is...shocking).

We knew he'd be very "food motivated," as far as sitting still in the shot area.  He was sometimes naughty, reaching up to grab the treats.

The whole setup was very professional - Rosa works as an art director and has this fancy gear for taking nice shots.  She brought Easter eggs, a backdrop, a chair, and flash lights!

The bunny didn't always cooperate with being in front of the backdrop...

By the end, the bunny was so tired, he just laid by his prize like a lion over the kill.

And, saving the best for last - my friend's husband Franco got this amazing shot of the bunny licking his paw:

I have seen photos of other bunnies like this on the Internet, but this was the first time my bunny had ever been caught like this!  Dave heartily enjoyed this shot.

It was a fun morning, but the bunny and I were totally exhausted after this.  Dave wanted to make some gnocchi for dinner, and I was so impressed and inspired by that that I marched right up to the store to buy some potatoes for myself.  I have never made gnocchi before!

By my recommendation, we are doing the Smitten Kitchen gnocchi.  I love all of her stuff, so I couldn't be more excited.  Cooking the same thing is a fun date to do while long distance!

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