Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Some recent crochet projects

More cacti!

These combine to form a set of succulents, which are still adorning my dining room table.

Recently I also finished some pillow covers for my craft room:

I used up a lot of excess aqua yarn, as well as some green novelty yarn I've had lying around for ages.  I think it is important to have cute pillows in your craft room, not boring green ones as I have had for ages.

I also made this African violet for a coworker:

He really likes it!  I want to make the big version later, too.

And I also put the finishing touches on a project I've left incomplete for too long: this aviator cap, which needed the final braid around the edge of the cap.  The variegated yarn is from the Minnesota State Fair.

So, I have been productive lately, although not so much on the striped scarf that my cousin and I were supposed to complete as a crochet-along in March...  Oh well.

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