Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two new "cutesy" projects

Many of my friends have babies.  One of my friends is pregnant with her second and wanted some crocheted jam jar covers to go on some jar coin banks she is making for her kids.  I was happy to oblige with these adorable projects, pattern from Cute & Easy Crochet:

And yes, they match the boys' room.

Many of my friends also have pets.  I have made tons of stuff for friends' kids, but this is my first project for a friend's dog:  a flower dog collar!

My friend has kind of an ugly little dog for a pet, and she is going to a meetup for that breed in a few weeks.  I told her that he had to have this, and she agreed.  And yes, she promised that she would take pictures with the dog in it, as repayment for the collar.

And no, before you ask, I did not try it on the bunny this morning - he would not have allowed that!

These quick patterns are a welcome respite from the sweater I am slogging through at the moment.  I need to take advantage of this mood to do my crocheted cacti!

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