Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Chunky orange cowl

I bought three skeins of beautiful Berroco Sundae yarn in orange at the Knit Happens 50% off sale a few months ago, and now I am enjoying a lovely, chunky orange cowl.  Just in time for all this nice weather.  (Oh well.)

I mostly knitted this piece at my Knit Around the Clock fundraiser at Loopy Yarns this Saturday.  The fundraiser is to raise money for my jail knitting program, as well as pay for yarn and classes for the ladies when they leave the jail.

My co-teacher Jo Anne has some awesome ideas for the charity, including bringing in our "graduates" to teach knitting in Chicago public schools this fall.  (And they'll even be paid!)

The Knit Around the Clock fundraiser event was really fun; I got down there early with some donuts and knitted basically all day, with one break for the Pastoral Artisan Producer Festival in the French Market (cheese and wine, need I say more?).  It was great to meet other knitters, who shared awesome stories and project ideas, and my mom, cousin, and some coworkers came out to knit with me.  

One caveat:  although I think it is great that people came out to donate to the fundraiser, I wish we could charge more for people who want to yammer on and on the whole time in a very confrontational manner.  I wish I had a mute button in my brain sometimes.

Looking forward to next year, my hand is still recovering from all the knitting!

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