Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My second quilt

I made my second quilt, almost all by myself!  One of the members of my attorney mentor circle is pregnant, and she asked for a penguin-themed blanket, and I delivered!  Some squares are covered in penguins, and other squares are solid colors arranged to mimic the coloring of an emporer penguin.

I thought it turned out really cute!  She is the second member of my mentor circle to be pregnant this year, so here's hoping that's not in the water or something.

I also wanted to post some crochet projects I completed recently:

First is a Northwestern purple coffee mug cover!  I thought it was a cute pattern, which came from a new book of mine, Cute & Easy Crochet.

The next one was a bit more involved:  the infamous Care Bear blanket.

Yes, that is Wish Bear, and yes, he looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself!  I was worried he wouldn't look right, and I actually did have to do the eyes twice because the first time he looked really angry.  But now he's great.  The book has six chart patterns but is out of print right now.

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