Monday, June 20, 2011

Wisonsin, Day 4

We weren't in Wisconsin much today, so I will keep this relatively short. The morning walk was foggy and beautiful at the Cameo Rose B&B:

Breakfast was delicious: fruit compote, a scone, eggs benedict, and a citrus sorbet. Mmm again!

Before we left, we got to see some of the local wildlife - a turkey! Awesome. We heard them gobbling and fighting in the forest, so that was pretty funny.

On our way out of town, we stopped at Candinas so Mom and I could buy a box of truffles each while the guys waited in the car. I love those truffles.

Then, after some debate as to the directions, we got to the Swiss Colony Outlet Store, where we picked up some cheese, sausages, and candies. Mom picked up a few bags of petits fours, and I was sorely tempted by some Yule logs. But then I realized that they must have been sitting there since Christmas, and I thought better of it.

Another great trip to Wisconsin, and this time we got to show around my parents, who I hope had a great time. It may have been a bit overwhelming at times, but weekends away in Wisconsin are all about weird crap, great food, and even greater beer. Until we meet again, my wonderful neighbor to the north!

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