Friday, May 20, 2011

Day at the aquarium

I've been super wanting to see the Jellies! exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium, and it ends next week, so Diane, Dave, and I took the afternoon off and headed over.

Diane and I realized we both dressed like we belong in an aquarium today, perhaps as a piece of coral.

We hit the jellyfish exhibit first, and got some amazing views of quite a few different kinds.

I love watching them in aquariums. I always think they're my favorite thing to visit, although then I remember how much I love the otters, penguins, clownfish, and others. There were even titi monkeys in the Shedd this time!

And, of course, some not-so-exotic fish:

Dave was doing an imitation of this fish's disapproving scowl. This is shortly after I was terrorized by a Japanese spider crab with a three-foot leg span, so I was feeling pretty much like this fish looks.

Every time we saw some huge, fat animal laying around (like the sea lion), I was reminded of the bunny. Not that he is fat, he's just...big. But this iguana really was channeling my bunny today:

It took me quite a few takes to get a good shot of this clownfish, because, you know, they move around and stuff. But I finally got one.

Such a great day at the aquarium, and then Dave and I ate at Epic Burger and I had a reunion with some of my law review folks. It was a great day, and we're starting to have the beginnings of some great weather!

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