Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Moving in, moving up

Well, the move went off just fine, even though we were toting furniture and boxes in the middle of a flurry of snow. No one slipped (except Dave, once) and almost everything made it into the house without a scratch. I owe everything to my movers: Mom, Chelle, Edward, Andy, Joanna, Chris, and Lesley! Thank you so much for helping us get our stuff into our new home!

This week has been kind of rough for me, though, because Dave is out of town. First, we found out there is a special assessment pending (but not yet voted on) to replace the siding on our townhome. It's costly, and I'm disappointed with myself that I didn't request the association meeting minutes prior to closing (but I still think the seller should have disclosed, given the amount of the assessment). Second, we found out that we probably need to put a new coat of paint on the condo walls in order to rent it, which sucks because there are a lot of projects I'd rather be doing in the townhome. So both of those are just a lot for me to handle right now by myself, and it's really stressing me out.

And lastly, I could really use another pair of hands around the house, because some projects kind of require two people (drapes, book shelves, etc.), and probably the worst is that I miss just talking to someone in the evening, and I miss him a lot.

But I've kept myself busy with something almost every night this week, and my mom came up last night to bring Grandpa's cabinet and help me clean glasses. We had an assembly line going: I'd hand her glasses and pick the stickers off of the ones that had never been used, she'd wash them, and I'd pick them up off of the towel and put them in the cabinet. We have water goblets, wine glasses, small liqueur glasses, high balls, and old-fashioned glasses (and I unearthed some champagne flutes later).

After we were done, this is what it looked like! My dining room is finally starting to feel like a dining room, even though it doesn't have a table yet. We need to find a nice antique table at a consignment store or something. Now I'm really excited.

The other exciting thing that happened last night was that the bunny finally figured out how to find the basement door and go up the stairs. The first time he went up, he was very slow and frightened, but by the end of the evening, he was rushing up and down like an old pro. (It helped that I was encouraging him with treats at the top of the stairs.)

So you can see that moving has been a lot of ups and downs, mostly in a positive direction, but just stressful at times. I hope to get it a little more polished by the time Dave gets back on Friday, because I hope he's impressed with my progress!

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Sara Sherman said...

Just remember - Rome wasn't built in a day. Everything just takes time, you two will get there.