Thursday, September 16, 2010

We're talkin' softball

The judges of the 1st Municipal and Law Divisions get together every year and play a softball game, followed by epic food at the beautiful home of the Law Division Supervising judge.

I headed up to Lake Shore Drive Field today thinking that I would be a spectator, but apparently they needed more females on the field - even one still dressed in work clothes and velcro shoes, such as myself.

It was a fun game, and as I've never played 16-inch softball before, I don't think I did too poorly. In my first at-bat, I got to first base and all the way around to third before the last out of the inning. In my second, I was out at first, but I batted in a run, so that was something.

I was placed at center field, and I was really hoping the ball would never come to me. It only got near me once, and I pretty much flubbed it. I was afraid to catch it sans mitt.

From the Housing Section, Judge McGing made an appearance as first base coach - they took pity on him and didn't make him play in a full suit. So he rocked a cigar and manned the first base station throughout the game, even offering some nice suggestions to the other team's runners. ("Yeah, yeah, keep running to second! HAH!")

In the end, the game was closer than it's been in years, but the Law Division still whooped us as usual.

The food at Judge Maddux's home afterward was delicious, and his home was truly beautiful and amazing. It felt like we were in a magazine. Dave took some ribbing about how I was out in the field and he wasn't, and apparently (based on the general comments), I did better than people expect a girl to do. I guess that's all I can hope for!

Caught a late train home and picked up some food for bunny, who was waiting not-so-impatiently. It was a good night and a lot of fun.

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