Friday, August 27, 2010

Sox v. Yankees

Tonight was the Sox v. Yankees game, a.k.a. "the Sox hand the Yankees' collective butts to them," and Dave and I were there courtesy of the DePaul Alumni Association. The pre-game party at Rocky's had some tasty food, and strangely Dave saw one of his new coworkers there. Weird.

At the game, we found out it was Blackhawks Night, made obvious by the literal parade of Blackhawks season ticket holders around Sox park. The 'Hawks coach also was driven around the field.

Then the celebration became a general "Chicago is awesome" show, by virtue of the fact that somebody realized that almost all of the Chicago teams have won championships in the last 25 years. Bears in 1985, Bulls in the 1990s (six times!), Sox in 2005, and Hawks in 2010. Pretty cool!

Notice any names missing? (Sorry, Grandma!) But it was pretty cool to see all of the teams' trophies brought together. Plus, look how much bigger the Stanley Cup is than all the other trophies!

The game was actually pretty fun to watch, as the Sox were clobbering the Yankees pretty much from the get-go. I felt like the energy was really great in the stadium after all the Chicago-cheering, so I had a feeling the Sox would take it handily.

Most of the people I work with in the Daley Center, my judge included, are Sox fans, so I'm sure they are happy. I do like to watch about one live ball game a year, and it turns out whenever we see the Cubs, they lose, and whenever we see the Sox, they win. Coincidence?

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Dave Musser said...

Hmm... unfortunately for the Cubs, I think the statistics favor those outcomes. :)