Friday, June 11, 2010

Hawks rally

Today I got to see the Hawks rally drive by my office - one of the perks of working in the Daley Center. We sat on the floor in the 11th floor and watched the crowd gather, which was obviously immense.

The first few parade participants to pass were corporate sponsors, including the Budweiser Clydesdales. Unfortunately for city employees, the Clydesdales needed some cleaning up after. My friend caught the pooper-scooper on camera:

It was pretty crazy to watch the crowd, as well as some people in buildings who opened windows to sit on balconies and take pictures. There were folks on rooftops, too, which was pretty wild. I joked that we in the Daley Center would wind up being called as witnesses to some dumbass falling from a building.

Finally, the team came by, hoisting the Stanley Cup, which was pretty cool to see, even for a non-hockey fan like me.

I'm glad we were able to watch the parade from the safety of air conditioning, and behind closed windows. The Hawks and their fans deserve their day in the sun, even if it disrupted my morning commute and lunch plans.

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