Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

Another Easter weekend come and gone, and I spent it doing my usual activities: watching The Ten Commandments, crocheting, coloring eggs, and eating.

We were at my parents' house all day Saturday and Sunday, so we were sure to bring the bunny and treat him for Easter. He got plenty of lettuce, dill, apples, and strawberry tops.

Of course, I dyed Easter eggs, which will probably end up as deviled eggs in a few days. I always like coloring eggs, and I did them while the plagues were on during The Ten Commandments.

Last night, I also cooked for my parents and Dave with a fun Easter- and Passover-themed meal. I made bunny-shaped pasta (Easter), with mustard potatoes and charoset (Passover). Aside from bunnies and eggs, I don't celebrate Easter, and we aren't Jewish, either, but it was still a nice dinner.

It was fun to try the charoset, as I don't know if I've ever made any traditional Jewish food before, so I'd like to try more. Ina has some Jewish dishes in her cookbooks (brisket, challah bread, rugelach, and chopped liver), but I haven't made them yet. Can't go wrong with Ina.

Happy Easter, and happy Passover!

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