Sunday, February 07, 2010

Craft day & space golf

I visited with Diane yesterday for some cooking and crafts. I worked on a hat for Diane, which turned out really cute. Diane worked on a dress for me, which was looking amazing. She finished it earlier today, and I'm so excited to wear it!

We also made a delicious dinner, with portobello mushroom lasagna and meringues chantilly - cute little meringue shells filled with whipped cream and berry sauce. Mmm!

After dinner, we went to Space Golf in Orland Park - similar to the Putting Edge, but all space- and alien-themed.

Dave got pretty excited over this replica of Borg-Picard in the lobby.

Inside there were some replicas of Star Wars machines, such as this ATAT that Dave and Rob are standing under. They had a few other aliens and alien craft, although I especially enjoyed the models from Independence Day and Mars Attacks. Although I wasn't sure why a model of the Terminator was there, considering he wasn't an alien.

Anyway, it was a good time. We saw lots of little alien creatures, and we even got 3-D glasses.

This little robot is pretty low-hanging, and in the middle of this hole, I whacked my head on this thing. It was pretty ironic, because I had to go underneath it to hit a ball, and then I said, "But I'm a big girl!" and stood up sharply, hitting my head. Ohhh irony.

In the end, Dave and Rob tied for best score with 50, I was next with 57, and Diane putted in last at 64. Let's just say that Diane and I took a few "gentlemen's fives" along the way.

I liked the course, but the Putting Edge is decorated better and has more challenging holes. If this place added more obstacles and decorations, it would improve.

Hole in one!

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