Friday, January 29, 2010

A colorful first week

This was my first full week at my temporary job, and it's been an interesting ride. I've been mostly working on reading and tagging documents in a large pharmaceutical case, but in the last few days I've gotten to do some research on Medicare statutes and regulations. It's all been new to me, and it's been great experience.

On the other hand, some of the medical jargon has been weighing on me a bit, apparently so much so that I've begun to have gory nightmares this week. I guess I must have a pretty imaginative mind, and the dreams are pretty humorous, really, so I thought I'd share them.

In one, I'm being chased around by people who want to stick me with needles. From what I remember in the dream, it was just a vaccine, but I was terrified all the same. Someone else in the dream had a large tube filled with blood coming out of her arm, so that was pretty worrisome, as well.

The first dream seemed pretty random, but the second dream last night had a plot. I'm telling you, it could have been an episode of "Tales from the Crypt."

So, in last night's dream, I watched a scene with a mad scientist who'd been dismembering live humans and keeping them alive somehow, with their brains separate from their body. He performed tests on the decapitated heads of the people - a bum he had taken, and his best friend - and the heads' faces reacted as he spun them around merry-go-rounds and did other tests. He had done nothing with the bum's brain, but his friend's brain was encased in bright pink protective plastic.

Then the mad scientist decided to destroy the brains to see what would happen. He began cutting the bum's brain apart with a laser, and the bum immediately fell off his chair dead (as he was somehow re-constituted). Then, the scientist began cutting at the friend's brain, which turned bright pink and began flashing violently. Suddenly, his friend's bones rose off of the floor, formed a full skeleton, and popped the brain back inside.

OK, as you can tell, it was pretty creepy thus far, but that's nowhere near as creepy as it gets next. The skeleton began walking toward the scientist with arms outstretched. It began talking to the mad scientist in a high-pitched voice that sounded exactly like Buster the bunny from the PBS show, "Arthur the Aardvark." The skeleton said, "Don't try to get away - you've freed me! And now I'm going to free you..."

The skeleton chased the scientist, who ran away and somehow triggered an explosion. He woke up and, you guessed it, he was just a head in a jar.

Sigghhhh. I'll have to update the blog if I get any crazy followup dreams next week. Here's hoping my brain can recover from medical thoughts over the weekend.

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Meesh said...

Wow- that really does sound like a tales from the crypt!! I think anyone would have weird dreams after reading about "occult cancer" all day haha!