Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!"

Tonight Dave and I were in the audience of NPR's "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!" Dave got tickets through his work friend. We were both really excited to go, because we've both loved the show (and NPR).

Here are the hosts, Carl Kasell and Peter Sagal. Dave has a serious crush on Carl Kasell. Peter Sagal is hilarious - he made jokes on everything from Levi Johnston to zombies. (Speaking of zombies, George Romero was a celebrity guest caller.)

Other celebrities were on the panel, including Amy Dickinson, of the "Ask Amy" advice column.

She and I chatted about a letter I wrote her column a long time ago, and she was very nice.

I didn't know Luke, the other celebrity guest panelist, but I did know Julia Sweeney, of SNL fame.

She had some hilarious moments in the show. During the segment when she was supposed to fill in the blank during a 60-second period, she answered the first one: "True?" Peter Sagal had a good laugh and said that they'd just do it over.

We talked with Julia for a minute, and she was very nice and down to earth also. She recently moved to the Chicago area with her husband and daughter, and I told her that she's in good company - so many of her former SNL cast mates were from Chicago, or studied here.

It was a great evening, and we'd love to do it again when Dave's parents or other out-of-town visitors stop by. I've been down lately because of the job search, and I left that evening with my stomach muscles aching from too much laughter. It was good to smile and laugh again. Yay NPR!

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