Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our haunting

My sister came up to visit with us today, so I made some super spicy chili and we hung out with the bunnies. Michelle was very pleased with Max and got to feed him a little parsley, which Max was pleased with, as well. He liked Michelle, and I have the feeling we have a very friendly little bunny on our hands.

Afterward, we looked up and
visited a cool haunted house in Elk Grove: Eleventh Hour. The attraction contains three haunted houses and one haunted corn maze. It seemed like a good deal to us, and every attraction was really awesome, so I was pretty happy (and scared, and exhilarated!) by the end of the night.

The corn maze was first, and I was pretty apprehensive.

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The maze was suitably creepy, not just because of the actors but more because I've never been in a corn maze at night, and this maze had stalks hanging creepily into the path. We finally found our way out, although not before claiming to workers that there was no exit. (The secret is that some walls of the corn maze move. Who knew.)

Then we waited in line for the three back-to-back haunted houses. The wait was kind of long, but we were near some high school freshmen that seemed really interested in us, haha. They asked about our professions, which came in handy later in the haunted house when one of them yelled, "Where's my lawyer?!"

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The first haunted house was set up like a mental institution, then the next one was like a graveyard, and the last one was like some kind of crazy ecstasy-fueled labyrinth. The first was the most theatrical, but I think the last one was my favorite. They had a live band in the center of the maze, which belted out bad-ass techno tunes as we clawed around in the dark.

My two favorite parts of the night also occurred in the labyrinth. Number one was in the room where they spin you around and disorient you with lots of black lights. With the black lights and all the techno music, we commented that it seemed like a rave. Suitably, Michelle yelled, "Let's get some X and DO this thing!!"

The second hilarious moment occurred when it appeared that we had to enter a raised tunnel and crawl through it to get to the exit. I jumped up on the platform and yelled, "I'm going in, mother f*ckers!!" (Let's just say that the techno music and darkness had finally gotten to me.)

In the end, we left the labyrinth haunted house screaming and running from a clown with a fake chainsaw. Michelle refused to pass him, so she was a little behind us. So you could say that we definitely had our scares for the night!

Tomorrow we're going to pick pumpkins at Didier Farms, a local farm with a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, and carnival rides. Last year we met a fun Flemish giant rabbit in the petting zoo, and little did I know that I would own one - a very cool one - a year later. I've got to start thinking of fun ideas for my pumpkin, too. (Maybe in honor of Max I'll get the biggest pumpkin in the lot.)

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