Saturday, June 06, 2009

A graduation celebration

We had the Sherman graduation party today, which included a celebration of my graduation from law school, Dave's graduation from his masters program, and my mom and sister's graduation from their bachelors degree programs.

A ton of friends and family came out to visit us, which was awesome and really helped us to feel that our accomplishments are a big deal - to more than just ourselves, anyway. Law school has been a hellish time for me, and I know my graduation cohorts worked hard at their degrees, so this party w
as a really nice ending for our years of schooling.

We had food from a local grocery store and I added some homemade touches as well.

We also had tons of games, and all of them were played by party-goers. Of course, there was volleyball, which I had a really good time playing, as well as horse shoes, bean bags, and croquet.

We also had a neat new game called lasso golf, where you take these balls connected by a string and try to catch them on parallel bars.

I also had a rousing game of Scruples with my friends, who ranged from elementary school to law school. I wouldn't have thought that it was as good of a "get to know you" game as it turned out to be, but we learned lots of new things about each other, and we had fun predicting who would have (or more often, would not have) scruples in given moral situations.

My favorite part about the party was the range of people there. We all had friends from various aspects of our lives, including relatives, school, and work. Even some of my old Fibre-Craft buddies came out, which was really cool.

Mom joked that after all these graduations, we wouldn't have anything to have a party about in the future. However, I think that their house is built for entertaining, and we usually throw pretty good parties, so I think we'll find plenty to celebrate in years to come. (Plus, I think she's forgetting grandchildren-related events!)

Thanks to everyone who came out and made our graduation an event worth celebrating!

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