Monday, May 25, 2009

Harry Potter exhibit

The Museum of Science and Industry is hosting a Harry Potter movie prop exhibition through September, and Dave and I went to see it with some friends today.

They had a lot of costumes and props from all five movies - including some from the sixth movie, which is coming out this summer. They also had interactive stations, like the one where Dave pulled out a screaming mandrake in Professor Sprout's greenhouse.

I'm really glad we got to go, because seeing all the
props and costumes was really fun. You got to see who's short and who's tall, for one thing - Kenneth Branaugh and the actor who plays Percy Weasley are really short, for example.

In the gift shop, we also got to play with some plush Monster Book of Monsters... well as Hedwig, who both Diane and I took home with us. (But I think we'll stick to using regular mail.)

We also got to see our favorites in the rest of the museum. One of my favorites is the baby chicks, where we got to see some chicks hatching. The older chicks were not really very active today, but were very cute and fluffy all the same:

Also visited were the doll house, the train, the space center, and the new U-505 exhibit. No one in our party had seen the new U-505 exhibit except for me.

They really showcased it well, as opposed to how it was shown in the first 50 years of its stay in the museum: outside in a parking lot for people to walk through. The current exhibit really puts the U-505 capture in its historical context.

I brought Walk 49 of my Chicago Walks card decks, just in case we were up for walking in Jackson Park, but unfortunately we were too tired - and it was raining anyway. I'll have to save that for another time.

Mischief managed!

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