Saturday, March 28, 2009

Zappity birthday!

Today some friends took me out for laser tag and hot wings for my birthday, and it was a real blast. (Blast, get it?!)

Dave and I thought of the idea, and I had a mix of high school, college, and law friends. We got two rounds of lasermania at Laser Quest in Arlington Heights, and I have to say, I was feeling pretty rusty. I haven't been laser tagging since just after high school, when we had teams but Jen Jen ended up shooting everyone, including her teammates. (Awesome.)

So the first round, I have to say, was pretty terrifying. I was so frightened that I would get zapped that I ran all the way through the maze and directly up into the second floor of the room, then proceeded to hide and hope I didn't get hit. I joked later that it was like I was in 'Nam and hiding from Charlie!

Then I realized, what the heck, just go for it. So I came out from hiding and proceeded to get immediately hit by Dave. Grr. For a while, it was a free for all, then we realized that we needed to zap the kids in the room. Yeahhhh. That's when it got really fun, at least until I ran smack into an eight-year-old with my laser gun. Oh well. He must not have been that hurt; he zapped me, too.

All in all, I didn't do too shabby! The first round, Dave and I were third and fourth respectively (out of about eleven or so people). The second round, which the GRS won, Dave and I were seventh and sixth respectively (out of about twenty-three people).

The Laser Quest arena was also pretty cool. It was set up like a maze, with various holes and mirrors to confuse you. There are also grates where you can shoot through the floor up to the second floor (or shoot down from the second floor - you get the idea). GRS and Ed are planning on doing it again for their birthdays in June, so we'll get more laser tagging fun then.

"Zappy birthday" to me! (That was Laser Quest's pun, not mine.)

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