Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Rob and the Gnome

It was my friend Rob's birthday on Thursday, a noble birthday shared with greats such as Lincoln and Darwin, and I made him a present that was equally noble: an amigurumi gnome.

I have sort of been wanting to try amigurumi - the Japanese art of making adorable little crocheted thingies - for a while. When I saw this gnome on Lion Brand Yarn's website, I had to make it.

Predictably, Rob became very attached to his little gnome. Maybe too attached...

Really though, he loves the gnome, as I knew he would. He wouldn't even let Diane hold it (even though Diane and I had been playing with it earlier in the day).

I have the feeling you may see him around Walgreens with it sticking out of his pocket like this, beard hanging down. I certainly hope so - the folk in Joliet might get a chuckle out of that.

It seems I got a present for Rob's birthday, as well - Diane made me a skirt out of some silk butterfly material that we bought last summer.

I had gone down for a craft day with Diane, where she worked on this skirt and I worked on some baby blankets. We always have fun relaxing with our crafts - I think we definitely need to make it a monthly event.

So, that's all for now - but be sure to check out my amazing Valentine's Day meal for me and Dave. It was French and it was over the top.

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Sara Sherman said...

I went all out on Valentine's Day for our meal - we had sloppy joes.