Thursday, January 08, 2009

The suspense is killing me.

Tomorrow is apparently the due date for grades at DePaul, yet I have received no grades. This has been the most frustrating semester for that, because I have never had to wait this long for grades before.

I'm not that worried about the grades, but when the suspense is this great - when I will receive all of them at the same time - I can't take it. I haven't had a situation like that since undergrad.

Here's hoping that I have a good second-to-last semester. I finalized my last semester at DePaul - two writing classes and one review course. The best part is that there is only a final for the review course, and I will be able to study sans classes from April 28 to May 12.

OK, hopefully I'll be able to post some news - good or bad - tomorrow. Until then, happy 27th birthday, Dave!!

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Sara Sherman said...

I would say good luck to you Valerie on your grades, but not necessary. I'm sure you did VERY well.
I FINALLY got all my grades, 4 A's!! Not bad, full time school (12 credit hours), and working at the time 45-50 hours per week. Glad it's over.
Hope you hear soon on the grades..Mom