Saturday, January 31, 2009

Home improvement

Today Dave and I are re-caulking our bathtub and sink. It has been needed for a long time, and today we are getting it taken care of.

Dave and I each removed about half of the existing caulk, which was partly coming off in many places, and then we cleaned the tub and seams with rubbing alcohol to kill off any mildew before we apply new caulk.

We took a break right now while the alcohol dried, then I put painter's tape on the tub, and Dave applied the caulk.

After he applied the caulk, I used my deft little fingers to smooth it over. (Dave's sausage hands just couldn't do the trick.)

After all that, it looks pretty darn good! But we can't shower again until tomorrow night! Oh well.

It makes me feel really good to complete little repairs around the house ourselves. We didn't even had to call up reinforcements (a.k.a. my Dad). Yay for saving money (and getting arm exercise!) with do-it-yourself home repairs.

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Sara Sherman said...

Go homeowners! Everyone has to start somewhere - may as well be the bathroom. Mom