Sunday, September 28, 2008

Trees & cheese

Dave's friend Larry was in town this weekend, and we went to the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Mars Cheese Castle. (We figured we'd give him a brief taste of the area.)

The Chicago Botanic Garden was different from even the last time we saw it, and it looked spectacular entering the fall season.

It was a beautiful show, and I can't wait to see what the garden has in store for winter and spring.

We certainly took Larry around the area for some good food - we figured maybe we could convince him to move up to Chicago if we showed him how amazing the cuisine is.

So, speaking of Chicago pride - I also caught the Obama-McCain debate on Friday at an Obama fundraiser debate party. To be brief, I felt that they both performed OK, and that there was no overwhelming winner, but that Obama was slightly stronger. At least McCain showed up, I guess.

Happy fall, and here's to the election being over soon.

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