Monday, July 07, 2008

Disney World: A couple of holes in one

Had another relaxing morning at the pool, followed by attending a conference session where Dave spoke! He had about five or seven minutes to talk about the ACG and SMART grant programs, and then attendants asked questions of him and his fellow panelists.

I was proud to see Dave speaking to the group of about fifty or so. He's so knowledgeable! It's not that I am surprised that he's so good at his job, but it's that we're so goofy in real life, it's always strange that both of us have sophisticated jobs where we help people with their complex legal / financial problems.

Afterward, we had a fancy schmancy dinner at the Bluezoo restaurant in the Dolphin Resort, followed by an amazing round of miniature golf at the Fantasia
Gardens near our hotel, where each hole is themed on the movie Fantasia.

This hole was themed based on the percussion instruments used in the film:

I sort of failed at this hole, but Dave got up the ramp and his ball hit the xylophone keys on the way down the "steps."

This hole featured the dancing mushrooms featured in the Nutcracker Suite:

The little mushroom in the middle kept popping up and down, displeasing Dave immensely. I, however, was happy to see these little guys, considering their scene is one of my favorites in the whole film. I was even happier when I got a hole in one on this one!

This is Bacchus from the pastoral Beethoven tune:

He's perpetually pouring wine,which forms the putting surface. (This was actually one of the tougher holes.) Oh, and can you spot our hotel in the background of that photo? I'll give you a hint; we're staying at the SWAN Resort... Yes, it's immense, ominous, and you can see it for miles.

Oh, and remember the dancing hippos? They have those, too:

The last set of holes was themed on the Sorcerer's Apprentice, probably the most famous piece in Fantasia. There's Mickey, of course (see beginning of post), but there's also his enchanted brooms, which squirt water at unsuspecting passers-by:

And finally, there's the sorcerer himself. And he is pissed.

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