Friday, April 21, 2006

Replacing the "irreplaceable"

Along with quitting your job with as far advance notice as I have given, there is always hiring and training your replacement.

Of course, I liked to think of myself as irreplaceable. People ask me questions every hour about translations, packaging law, and metric conversions, which got me into a little happy cocoon of "Everyone needs me! What would they do without me!"

A lot of people at work have been pretty bummed about me leaving, but on the other hand, the powers that be already put up an ad on and are having me go through resumes as early as this week. No mourning period, no groveling, no nothing!

And now I'm going to interview these people over the phone — these people who have master's degrees and speak French fluently and are desperate for my job. I hate conducting interviews, because there's always the "Are you good enough for this job?" undertone that has to exist from interviewer to interviewee. I just have trouble with that, I guess.

However, I can't feel too bad about my company trying to fill my position so fast — it does take them months to make hiring decisions, and it will probably take me a month to train someone, so I guess I don't blame them.

At any rate, I try to think of how successful I'll be after school — hopefully I'll have a job before I even graduate, and we'll be able to get a nice, spacious townhome where the bunnies and humans of the Musser-Sherman residence can roam free, unimpeded by massive piles of crap everywhere.

But what I'm looking forward to most of all is a challenge — perhaps the first mental challenge I've come to in years! (Has it been years - plural - since I've been in school? Ick...I've got to get back in there...)

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